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Ecole Travel Tour Operator: Born in 1993, Ecole Travel is a San José based Full Service Tour Operator and has steadily become one of the most important incoming tour operators in Costa Rica due to its excellent connections and profound knowledge of the country.

The founders of Ecole Travel are Astrid Cremers, Eduardo Avila and Manja Zijlstra. The latter two left the company between the years 1994-1998, and established themselves in other countries (Italy and Guatemala), to continue in tourism.

Astrid, who started her career in tourism as a pioneer tour guide, dedicating her soul to this activity for many years and in many different Latin American countries, has been the director of the company until today. She is a graduate in Latin American literature from the Rijks University of Groningen, the Netherlands, from the year 1987. Her background in art has lead to a fusion between the cultural and the tourist sector, therefore Ecole supports actively numerous professional in culture and their projects in theatre, poetry, cinema and others.

This is currently an important part of their leadership position under the Certification of Sustainable Tourism (CST, www.turismo-sostenible.co.cr) of the Costa Rican Tourism Board, and the base of their Social Responsibility Program. Ecole believes that through art, all stakeholders in tourism, including members of communities around the activity, get back to the true values of sustainability; principles of any artist. Responsibility, humility, veracity, solidarity and liberty in the work field, leads to mayor commitment.

In Ecole, vanity is the worst sin. For more info, check out short videos that serve as registers.

Nowadays, Ecole works together with very steady partners in Europe; mainly the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England and Denmark. Ecole receives all tourists in their offices, in this way we involve travelers directly in sustainable matters and programs.


To offer our clients a high quality product for a fair price, which is designed based on methods, that respect the conservation of our nations natural, as well as archaeological and social resources; and that at the same time generate benefits for the environment of the communities involved.


We wish to be recognized leaders in sustainable tourism; Sustainable tourism is the base for sustainable development that promotes inclusivity within different sectors of the population. Within this dynamism, culture plays a key role. Transparency and true values are essential to meet this goal.


Ecole Experience:

Is an Association of professionals in sustainable tourism, art and culture, founded in February 2006.

Our mission is to support actively all services in Rural and Community Tourism; our vision is to accomplish this through art and culture. The association enters in a bilateral project in the year 2008, representing Costa Rica in collaboration with the Kingdom of Bhutan. Both countries are leaders in sustainable tourism. One of the results has been the support to and conceptualization of the International Conference Planet, People, Peace; an initiative of the National Chamber of Eco Tourism (CANAECO), and sponsored by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT)


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“With the contribution of Program for South South Cooperative Funds”


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Ecole Productions:

Our department Ecole Productions provides services for photographers, television crews and journalists. We know where you can find the bell bird or the dolphin you wish to film, and have the contacts to actors you might want to hire.

Check out pictures from the last production; ‘Waar is de Mol?’


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Ecole Staff:

We can help you with every tourism service you might need. We love this country and want you to experience the way we feel about it! Only then will you experience the unforgettable "Pura Vida" emotion and you will know why people keep referring to it. We wish you an unforgettable journey into the planet´s lungs, the rainforests, to the active volcanoes and the beautiful beaches of this small and unique country!!

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View videos: Costa Rica travel


View videos: Costa Rica travel