ICT makes statement on extraction of turtle eggs in Ostional

ICT makes statement on extraction of turtle eggs in Ostional

The National Tourism Board (ICT) released a press note about the comercialization of turtle eggs at Ostional Beach in the North-western province of Guanacaste. Or better- a press note against protests against this practice. These protests in the form of pamflets  circulate worldwide through the internet enraging people and but damaging sea turtle conservation programs in the whole Costa Rica at the same time.


Fotos of dozens of people pouring the eggs out of turtlenests suggest a theft, destruction of the population of the endangered turtles and illegal enrichment by a few.


Unfortunately, the impression that photos give don`t reflect always an existing reality. A wrong interpretation may lead to wrong conclusions and wrong actions.


This is the case with these photos of Ostional where in fact we see the working of a succesfull cooperation between (poor) local people and nature conservancy organisations.


Last weeks in the Internet circulated again protests of ignorent but goodhearted people against these ‘barbaric’ practises. Here you can download and read the explication of the ICT with the backgrounds of this project (second page is in inglish).