Ecole Travel has developed certain sustainability policies among the organizational culture and works always forward the following:

⦁ Mutual understanding and respect among people and communities, recognizing and responding to their concerns.

⦁ Develop and implement instruments and measures aimed at reducing the use of energy and water.

⦁ Practice and promote the 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle), ensure the protection of the environment and national heritage, work to reduce the negative impact generated by our operations.

⦁ Develop a unique and innovative product, that includes and protect the communities, the environment, the Costa Rican culture, the rescue of traditions, and the low impact on nature.

⦁ Promote equality of opportunities between men and women, as well as respect for people and their diversity (cultural, biological, religious, linguistic, sexual, etc.)

⦁ Be responsible with the representation that we have as promoters and leaders of sustainable tourism in the national and international scope.


10 ways to be a responsable traveler

All places have their own history

Their own traditions and culture, please RESPECT that, and make sure that your behavior and attitude during the trip will not cause any harm.

Live in harmony with nature

walk in silence along the trails, respect the regulation of protected áreas.

Do not touch, feed or bother the animals

Avoid and denounce illegal extraction of plants and animals.

Archaeological pieces and cultural heritage

Avoid and denounce the commercialization of archaeological pieces and cultural heritage.

Save natural resources

Such as water and energy, please use it in moderation.

Do not throw garbage

Please separate and recycle your waste.

Consume products made by locals

Taste the local gastronomy, learn and enjoy local traditions in each destination.

Sexual explotation

Sexual explotation, children prostitution and the consume of illegal substances are strictly prohibited by law. Please denounce this situations.

Get involved

There are many environmental organizations and foundations, such as Fundación Corcovado, Mar Viva, Equipo Tora Carey and others. We invite you to get involved and collaborate.

Carbon footprint

We invite you to calculate and neutralize the carbon footprint generated during your trip, and in this way contribute to reduce the impacts generated. If you wish to compete your footprint, you can visit the Site: