Sustainability has been a key word in our operations for years. We are very proud to be part of a large and growing network of organizations that are conscious about the impact that tourism has on the environment and act accordingly.


Every tourist who visit Costa Rica will feel and experience in even the most remote corners of the country the efforts to protect, to recycle, to reduce waste, to educate, to involve local people AND visitors in order to keep this paradise for future generations.


Ecole Travel was founded in 1993 by Astrid Cremers, who after her study in Groningen (Netherlands) traveled extensively through Latin America, pioneering as a tourguide.


After a while she established herself in San José and started business by offering tours to the –then- remote and difficult –to-access Tortuguero. With tourism to Costa Rica on the rise, Ecole Travel was able to attract bussinesspartners from all major northwestern European countries. It has steadily become one of the leading travel agencies in Costa Rica. We are attending now groups / FITS / special interest and incentive groups.


Tourism will be sustainable or simply not be in a future. We dream of and will contribute to a fully sustainable tourism sector in Costa Rica, where it will be possible to travel for our customers without leaving an ecological footprint.


In order to achieve this for our own operations we acquired a piece of land with primary and secondary forest which will be used just for conservation purposes. This way we aim to compensate all our CO-2 emissions in the near future.