Ecole Travel celebrated the month of health awareness

Ecole Travel celebrated the month of health awareness 

During June, Ecole Travel celebrated the month of health as part of its sustainability program, with the purpose of promoting habits for a healthy life for its workers.

The month started with a talk about food and cardiovascular diseases awareness in coordination with a professional specialized in nutrition.

During the month we organized different activities, we had a fitness dancing class and a pilates class. Also, our co-workers María Fernanda and Ignacio gave us a talk about conscious feeding to learn about different kinds of food, recommendations on how and what to eat, and several dishes that we can easily prepare.

To close the celebration, we organized an indoor football match, in total 13 workers and 4 guests participated, two teams were formed and the result was 7 to 4.

All these activities help us share more with our co-workers, strengthen teamwork, spend quality time and smile a lot, and this allows us to have a healthier life, be happy in our workplace and bring our clients a better service.