Ecole Travel got the Ecological Blue Flag award

Ecole Travel got the Ecological Blue Flag award 

Ecole Travel is celebrating the Ecological Blue Flag on Climate Change award that was received in June for the good environmental practices and the climate actions.

The Ecological Blue Flag is an award that is given annually and that recognizes the effort and volunteer work for the conservation of natural resources, and the implementation of actions against climate change.


The objective of the program is to establish an incentive for companies to promote the protection of the environment, public health and actions to minimize the risk caused by the effects of climate change. Some of the parameters evaluated by the program are: fossil fuels, water, sewage treatment, energy, waste management, atmospheric pollutants and environmental education.


Ecole Travel is a company that promotes the responsible tourism and sustainable development through good environmental, social, cultural and economic practices. Some of those environmental actions include:

– Environmental education to coworkers, vendors, clients and communities.
– Saving water and electricity through education and implementation of new technologies.
– Proper management of waste (reduce, reuse and recycling).
– Protection of the ecosystems and biodiversity.
– Business climate actions.


For Ecole Travel is very important to get this kind of recognitions like the Ecological Blue Flag, that recognizes our contribution to our planet and help us on the road to sustainability and to be a better tourism company.