'Jale al Puerto': The Government's campaign to bring tourism to Puntarenas

‘Jale al Puerto’: The Government’s campaign to bring tourism to Puntarenas

«Jale al Puerto» for a vigorón and a churchill. Take advantage of being so close to the capital to know its cuisine and its people.

According to a statement from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), the initiative is led in coordination with the office of the first lady of the Republic, and the participation of the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports (Incop), the Promotion Board of Tourism and the Chamber of Tourism of Puntarenas.

The campaign, which will start in August and will extend for four months nationwide, will have an investment of $ 90,000 (about ¢ 51 million).

The «Jale al Puerto» plan was presented at the Plaza del Pacífico, in the center of the city of Puntarenas, with the presence of the First Lady of the Republic, Claudia Dobles, and the Minister of Tourism, María Amalia Revelo.

Doubles explained that the main objective of the campaign is to show Puntarenas as a place with natural beauties and human warmth suitable as a holiday destination. In this context, he announced that a City Tour of specific tourist places is planned with a historical, gastronomic and cultural route.

As attractions of the area, the first lady highlighted a wide culinary wealth, adventure activities, dolphin watching, the arrival of cruises, the visit to the islands of the Gulf of Nicoya and many other alternatives.

Doubles announced the project to reactivate the Marine Park, so that elements of the marine part converge with other cultural, scientific and iconic elements of the Pearl of the Pacific.

In addition, within the action plans is also to execute the physical restructuring of the place.

«It is an excitatory that aims to inspire all generations to return to the port and find memories of the past and the many attractions of the present,» said Minister Revelo.

Fuente: La Nación. www.nacion.com