Costa Rica is simply a fantastic destination for traveling and vacationing. It possesses an enormous biodiversity within its varied ecosystems. Situated between Nicaragua (in the North) and Panamá (in the South) it has just a small surface which means that travel distances are short. The abundancy of nature and the easiness to observe wildlife makes it a very popular destination.


The touristic sector of Costa Rica is full in development. Areas outside the main visited areas are opening up their potential. San José is converting itself into a vibrant city, with an interesting cultural scene. New tours are added to an already very varied offer. Rural tourism is becoming more important, offering our guests genuine authentic experiences.


It is extremely important to us to be the first in line to experience these novelties and include them into our itineraries. In order to give our guests the best of experiences in Costa Rica, it is vital to diversify as much as possible. Luckily enough Costa Rica is a country with infinitive possibilities!


Genuine experiences are created only by seamless operations and excellent logistics. To this we put many effort in  a personalized care for our guests during their stay in Costa Rica:

Airport Pick-up

We offer brand new transportation units for our guests who arrive in Costa Rica. Their first encounter with our representative reflects the hospitality with which we aim to give them during their trip in our country. Our driver offers a safe trip to their first hotel.

Information Kit

All our guests will receive a personalized information kit upon arrival in Costa Rica which contains vouchers and route descriptions amongst other details. We pay much attention to make it tailor made for each of our guests.

Meet & Greet

Our first commitment is to offer an excellent service to all our guests who visit Costa Rica. Almost all of our FITS are received in our offices at the day after their arrival. It is important for us that our guests know who we are and who they are dealing with in case that an issue arise during their vacation. We welcome them with a fresh cup of Costa Rican coffee. They can clarify their last doubts and give some useful last tips about their trip!

Assistance in Costa Rica

We offer 24/7 assistance during the stay of our customers in Costa Rica. For emergencies that occur out of office hours. We have a special telephone number for our guests available.

Civil Responsability Liability

Ecole travel has a liability policy that supports a responsible operation. It protects the sums that the insured is legally obliged to pay for Civil Liability for damages caused to persons and / or their property, with which the insured maintains a relationship through a contract for the provision of services, exercising its profession. The vast majority of our suppliers are covered individually by this policy as well. Fortunately, in more than 20 years of operation in Costa Rica, we have never had to use it.