ECOLE TRAVEL takes its responsibility towards their employees seriously. We are conscious of the fact that tourism plays a vital role as a leading sector within the Costa Rican society.

We have built an organizational culture of “family of work”, where employees can develop professionally, but at the same time fulfill their dreams and projects, as well as maintain a balance with their family life. A successful operation begins with a mentally, physically and emotionally healthy worker!


Caravana Tica:

It is an original program of Ecole Travel with La Polea Theatre Group, in which artistic shows and high-level recreational activities are taken to communities that have little or no access to this type of entertainment. These selected communities turn out to be those that receive the greatest impact from the footprint generated by tourism operation.

Educational Workshops:

With the organization of the educational workshops Ecole Travel aims to share its experience and knowledge with small touristic initiatives in the rural side of Costa Rica. Those (often familiar) business sometimes have great potential. However it is often difficult for them to get access to the right information and counseling they need to prosper.

To fill in this gap, a multi disciplined team of Ecole Travel travels 2 times per year to a rural destination in order to offer technical, practical and legal knowledge, which helps the rural initiatives to function successfully in Costa Rica. These workshops are offered for free.

Health Month:

The key to serve our customers with the warmth and consideration we want to offer, is to have physically and emotionally balanced partners, which is why a campaign is created that aims, for a full month each year, to offer activities that promote the well-being of Ecole staff. Through classes yoga, dance, talks about healthy eating, emotional well-being, massage sessions, routine medical exams and others, we load our body with positive energies to face the challenges of daily life with enthusiasm.

Sharing Experiences:

Intercultural exchanges program where our collaborators have the opportunity to travel to other countries to enrich their technical knowledge, as well as to experience the richness of cultures different from their own. Seeking to open the mind and broaden perspective that each one has about his existence and about the world.

Internal Training:

Our training program considers the importance of offering personal development tools to the entire team through experience, including optional trainings in Lesco (Costa Rican Sign Language), Languages courses, as well as other alternative topics for socioenvironmental sensitivity and personal growth.

Volunteer Program:

We encourage employees and their families to participate in socioenvironmental campaigns such as: recycling, reforestation programs; beach, rivers and forests cleaning; raising funds for education for children in social vulnerability, field work in repairing schools and other social welfare programs.